Cheats & Words FAQ

What is Cheats & Words?

Cheats & Words is an advanced tool that analyzes a screenshot from Words With Friends to calculate and determine all the possible plays.

How do I use Cheats & Words?

Take a screenshot of your zoomed-out board in Words With Friends, then launch Cheats & Words and tap "Use Latest Screenshot." It is as easy as that. If you would like to analyze an older screenshot, you can tap "Choose Screenshot" instead.


Press your device's home button and power button at the same time, and a screenshot will be taken and saved to your camera roll. We did not create this functionality, it is built into iOS.

What is a SuperCheat?

A SuperCheat is a token that allows you to reveal a high-scoring play in Cheats & Words. When you first install Cheats & Words, you are given an allotment of 10 SuperCheats. After you have used your initial allotment, you can purchase more with an in app purchase.

What is a bingo?

The term "bingo" comes from Scrabble and is used to describe a situation in which a player uses all seven tiles in one play. In Scrabble, a bingo earns an extra 50 points. In Words With Friends a bingo scores an additional 35 points.

Why do you have ads?

We have included ads in our app so that we might make it available for free. At any time, you can remove the ads by purchasing Ad Removal with an in app purchase.

Does your software work on iPad?


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We love hearing your suggestions, feel free to email us.

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